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We are MORE THAN A RECORD STORE! Music is iconic and so are the legends that make it. We celebrate both and have channelled more than sixty years of pop culture into our own range of Clothing, Art and quirky Home Stuff which are made ethically & sustainably. 

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Are Little Triggers rock n’ roll’s greatest hope for the future? Watch them play live at Vinyl Revolution to find out!


The last two artists to play in-store at Vinyl Revolution have both put in ethereal performances which have held the audience enthralled. But now it's time to rip it up with Liverpudlian garage rock'n'roll band Little Triggers who release their debut album 'Loaded Gun' on 24th May at Vinyl Revolution. Little Triggers have people sitting up and taking notice. They so impressed Richard Bradshaw from The Culture Journal that he described them as "one of rock n roll's greatest hopes for the future".

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The Americans came, saw and conquered! Two fantastic in-store sets on Great Escape week from Bailen and Diana DeMuth


We expected great things from Bailen and Diana DeMuth. They are both young American artists launching their music careers with debut albums which are attacting A LOT of excitement on the other side of the pond. We were intrigued to see what they were capable of doing live in-store at Vinyl Revolution and we certainly weren't disappointed!!!

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Record of the Week

The National - I am Easy to Find (Standard & Deluxe Editions) - Record of the Week!

The National

Following on quickly from 2017's Sleep Well Beast, The National return with a new record and working ethos. By employing the vocal talents of an impressive array of female co-conspirators, the songs on I Am Easy To Find are delivered and received in an almost confessional manner. Today's particular favourites are side four's Rylan and melancholy Light Years, but this double album works best when listened to as a whole...not an easy thing in today's hectic, easily-disturbed world...but try to do this if you can!

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