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Welcome! We are Vinyl Revolution, a young INDEPENDENT store that is all about the music.  Our mission is to make buying records fun.  You will find us friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Music snobbery does not exist at Vinyl Revolution!

We are MORE THAN A RECORD STORE! Music is iconic and so are the legends that make it. We celebrate both and have channelled more than sixty years of pop culture into our own range of Clothing, Art and quirky Home Stuff which are made ethically & sustainably. 

Young or old we’ve got you covered. So come join us and be part of the revolution.

Half Term Vinyl Record Workshop for families


We love families coming into the shop and really enjoy helping youngsters discover the joy of vinyl for the first time. So during February half-term we are going to host morning and afternoon family workshops every day. We'll explain how records work, how to use a record player and how to hold, clean and look after vinyl records. Our workshops will be great fun and even better they're FREE OF CHARGE!

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Desperate Journalist return to Vinyl Revolution on Saturday 23rd February to play in-store and sign copies of their new album 'In Search Of The Miraculous'


Those of you who were lucky enough to see Desperate Journalist headline at Vinyl Revolution on Record Store Day last April already know just how special this band are. We are thrilled that they are returning the day after the release of their new album 'In Search Of The Miraculous' to play live and sign copies of their new record.

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Record of the Week

The Pale Fountains - Just A Girl / There's Always Something on my Mind (7" Single)

The Pale Fountains

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I was lucky enough to hear The Pale Fountains audacious first single Just A Girl/There's Always Something On My Mind. It was probably on John Peel, although it might have been Kid Jensen's evening show...or maybe even Janis Long. Anyway, I heard it and instantly fell in love with the band. Eventually I would end up writing a song about the band for the still unreleased second album by Lightning Dept and I even got to support Shack too, when they were touring HMS Fable. It's not often that a 7" single makes RECORD OF THE WEEK at Vinyl Revolution but on this occasion, what with it being Valentines day and all, that's exactly what's going to happen...

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