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Welcome! We are Vinyl Revolution, a new INDEPENDENT record store.   Our mission is to make buying records fun.  You will find us friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Music snobbery does not exist at Vinyl Revolution!

We are MORE THAN A RECORD STORE! Music is iconic and so are the legends that make it. We celebrate both and have channelled more than sixty years of pop culture into our clothing, art and quirky home stuff. Young or old we’ve got you covered. So come join us and be part of the revolution.

Our Record Store Day crates are going to be jam packed!


There are 240 UK record shops taking part in Record Store Day this year. Most of the records we ordered had only 500 or 1000 copies available for the UK so we placed our orders, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best! We are happy to announce that although we have had a small number of disappointments overall we have been happily surprised by the number of records we have received (approx 85% of what we requested). Roll on Record Store Day!

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BBC Sussex & Surrey to broadcast Danny Pike's Morning Show live from Vinyl Revolution on Record Store Day


We are thrilled that the BBC's Danny Pike will be broadcasting his Saturday morning show (broadcast from 9am to midday on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey) live from Vinyl Revolution. Even better - all the music Danny will be playing during the show will be on vinyl - and he will be DJ'ing on decks set up just inside Vinyl Revolution's window!

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Record of the Week

Gomez - Bring It On (20th Anniversary re-issue)


Back in 1998 there was nothing like it, and amazingly Gomez Bring It On still sounds out there, even if it's template has been approximated by indie hopefuls over the years. It's up there with Beck's Odelay-tracks like Get Miles, 78 Stone Wobble and Get Myself Arrested are infused with the spirit of Americana-not bad for a bunch of young 'uns from Southport!

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