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Welcome! We are Vinyl Revolution, a new INDEPENDENT record store.   Our mission is to make buying records fun.  You will find us friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Music snobbery does not exist at Vinyl Revolution!

We are MORE THAN A RECORD STORE! Music is iconic and so are the legends that make it. We celebrate both and have channelled more than sixty years of pop culture into our clothing, art and quirky home stuff. Young or old we’ve got you covered. So come join us and be part of the revolution.

Our Brighton shop is 1 year old & we take a look back at one hell of a journey


Wow it's been a whole year since we opened the door to our Brighton shop and welcomed in our first customers. What a year it's been!

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Strong, Feisty & Really Cool - Female musicians who inspire me by Elsie (work experience superstar)


As a young woman, growing up I have always wanted to be a musician. We always see awesome male musicians but I think it's time women got some more recognition!! I have chosen 3 women that aren't afraid to stray away from what's seen as normal nowadays. These women are strong, feisty and really cool. I hope you enjoy!!

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Record of the Week

The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia

The Pharcyde

Darker and jazzier than their monumental debut album Bizarre Ride To.... The Pharcyde's second album Labcabincalifornia was originally made during difficult times in the mid-nineties. Although not as playful as the debut, Labcab displays all the signs of a hip hop classic. Classy production married to darker rhymes concerning death and disapponitment (founder member Fatlip left during the protracted recording sessions), tracks such as Moment In Time and scorching opener Bullshit set the scene for an underrated beauty.

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