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Welcome! We are Vinyl Revolution, a new INDEPENDENT record store.   Our mission is to make buying records fun.  You will find us friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Music snobbery does not exist at Vinyl Revolution!

We are MORE THAN A RECORD STORE! Music is iconic and so are the legends that make it. We celebrate both and have channelled more than sixty years of pop culture into our clothing, art and quirky home stuff. Young or old we’ve got you covered. So come join us and be part of the revolution.

AN URGENT APPEAL and an incredible one-off opportunity to purchase Vinyl Revolution shares at below market value


Vinyl Revolution is just over 2 years old. We got off to an exceptional start with superb national press coverage, exceptional customer reviews and our own range of products being a hit with customers from all over the world (30 countries to date).. The bad news is that 2018 hasn't been kind. The perfect storm of Brexit uncertainty halting consumer spending, replacement buses rather than trains into Brighton and the worst Christmas trading figures for years means that we are almost out of cash. The good news is that you get the opportunity to buy shares of our fabulous company at a very special price!

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The Guardian to feature Vinyl Revolution as the only music related UK shop with a green & ethical policy


We received a phone call from The Guardian this week. They were researching shops selling green and ethical products and will be featuring Vinyl Revolution in January. They told us that we were the only music related shop they could find in the UK with a green and ethical policy. We are thrilled to be featured but disappointed, although not surprised, that there aren’t more shops leading the charge.

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Record of the Week

Neil Young - Songs for Judy

Neil Young

So called because Neil Young had a vision that Judy Garland was in the orchestra pit at Fox Theatre in Atlanta where this show took place, Songs For Judy is one of those rare lost bootlegs that were such a part of 70’s vinyl culture. Now lovingly released as an official 2LP platter, this set saw the mercurial Neil summoning up acoustic magic on a clutch of familiar and not so well known tracks. Judy even houses the previously unreleased No one Seems To Know...what a nice Christmas present Neil!

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