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Welcome! We are Vinyl Revolution, a new INDEPENDENT record store.   Our mission is to make buying records fun.  You will find us friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Music snobbery does not exist at Vinyl Revolution!

We are MORE THAN A RECORD STORE! Music is iconic and so are the legends that make it. We celebrate both and have channelled more than sixty years of pop culture into our clothing, art and quirky home stuff. Young or old we’ve got you covered. So come join us and be part of the revolution.

Vinyl Revolution is THE only destination for Brighton students & the 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT isn't the only reason why. WATCH our student VIDEO FEATURING OUR VERY OWN JAMIE!


Vinyl Revolution loves students. We are the only record shop in Brighton to offer a STUDENT DISCOUNT and (in addition to our new and vintage records) we have lots of fabulous posters, art and home stuff to make students feel at home in their new homes.

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1 Year Today - We celebrate Asa, our undisputed Prince of Rock


It's our customers that make our job so enjoyable and some customers are extra special. One of those is Asa. 1 year ago today Asa came in to Vinyl Revolution to buy his first vinyl record, Iron Maiden's Powerslave. That Sunday a tradition was born. Every week since then Asa, usually accompanied by Dad Mark, has come in to add a new rock album to his collection. Asa and Mark and are the first smiling faces we see each Sunday morning!

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Record of the Week

Low - Double Negative (Vinyl Revolution album of the week) Limited Edition Clear Vinyl


Low return with a brave new sound welded to their slowcore template. Double Negative is a raw and visceral beast, opening with scrambled and distorted vocals that unsettle and disorientate the listener. In a very good way. It's a radical departure for Low purists to adapt to, but the songwriting is sublime and even though there are forks in the road you still know this couldn't be anything but a Low album.

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