1st Birthday Competition - Our Winners Have Been Chosen!


After heated debate amongst the time WE FINALLY HAVE 2 WINNERS!!!!
Thank you so much to everyone who entered our 1st Birthday Beach Towel and Teapot competitions over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  As expected you did us proud and gave us a lot of laughs!
Beach Towel
There were several people who would have made a worthy winner but the beach towel had to go to Tom Errington.
Tom was recently in the shop with his girlfriend Rio Yasmin and her Mum Loretta.  Loretta named Rio Yasmin after Duran Duran and we couldn't help but take this photo of them. 

Tom's entry was a very clever reference to this visit.  He wrote "Because her name is Rio and she's fed up of dancing on the sand". He assures us that he is going to share his towel with the lovely lady in question. Well done Tom!!!

We also have a runner up, David Woozley who gets a Bowie mug.  David wrote "That Bowie towel would sure help me out on the beach when I'm ch-ch-ch-ch-changin".  Love it!
We expected some amusing entries for this one and we weren't disappointed! 
The teapot goes to Pete Maloney (whose Facebook posts always make us laugh).   Pete wrote
"I'd like a teapot because at my age, getting a cup of tea is easier than, well, anything else.
Nudge Nudge wink wink"
Our runner up is Anna Lisa Ciccocioppo who gets a mug of her choice.  Anna Lisa wrote us a poem and sent us a picture.
"I do love Boy George, he is quite the bloke,
But getting a tea pot to Canada’s no joke!
The mug that does match it sits all on its own

I feared so greatly the china of bone
Would shatter from spout to handle
Now hoping that Rachel and Simon’ll
Choose me so my mug’s not alone!"
Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  We wish we could have sent you all a prize!