Are Little Triggers rock n’ roll’s greatest hope for the future? Watch them play live at Vinyl Revolution to find out!


Event: Little Triggers launch their debut album with a live in-store performance and record signing at Vinyl Revolution

Venue: Vinyl Revolution Basement, 33 Duke St, Brighton. BN1 1AG

Date: Friday 24th May 2019

Start time: 4.30pm

End time: 6pm

The last two artists to play in-store at Vinyl Revolution have both put in ethereal performances which have held the audience enthralled.  But now it's time to rip it up with Liverpudlian garage rock'n'roll band Little Triggers who launch their debut album 'Loaded Gun' on 24th May at Vinyl Revolution.

Little Triggers so impressed Richard Bradshaw from The Culture Journal that he described them as "one of rock n roll's greatest hopes for the future".

We are extremely EXCITED that Little Triggers are stopping off at Vinyl Revolution to play live and launch their album before heading across the channel for a 7 venue tour in France.  Join us and you might just be there to experience a little bit of rock'n'roll history!

Here's Little Triggers in action

Classic Rock magazine made Little Trigger's 'So Fine' a Track Of The Week - click here to read their review

And here's that review by Richard Bradshaw from The Culture Journal:

"Little Triggers offer hope for something fresh, original, but more importantly, for something bold and brash in today’s music scene.. Here is a band unashamed of brandishing the rock n’ roll label, bringing a raw quality to the genre that is much missed in modern music.

The first single from their debut album exploded onto the airwaves in February, being played five weeks in a row by Wyatt Wendels on Planet Rock Radio. So Fine was also picked up by Spotify’s curators and landed on two of their biggest playlists, knocking up over 30,000 streams. The album, released on 24 May, is reviewed in Classic Rock magazine alongside a feature article on the band and a track on the giveaway CD to its 50,000 readers.

The band is a formidable live force. Led by singer and guitarist Tom Hamilton- a frontman who could easily find his way into future pop textbooks as one of rock n’ roll’s infamous kindred spirits- Little Triggers have mastered the rock n’ roll art form whilst living up to the demands of its lifestyle. Choosing to evade the tiresome indie platitudes of their contemporaries, Hamilton and co have mastered the fine art of balancing nostalgia with innovation.

Combining wit with an unpredictable charm, their music provides a fitting rebuke to the times, and their once adolescent fury has now morphed into a measure of healthy aggression. Their live shows are all the better as a consequence, and though the band has always transferred well onto record, like all the greatest bands, Little Triggers need to be experienced live if one is to fully comprehend their true prowess. Recent appearances both home and abroad are a testament to the bands' fiery live performances.

The band absolutely stormed a festival in France last Summer with stage invasions, dancing girls, and diving into the audience which went totally wild. They were invited back later last Summer and are heading to France again for a seven gig tour the day after the album is released. It is then back to the UK for festival slots in early July, supporting The Feeling in Suffolk followed by an appearance at the Great British R & B festival at Colne in Lancashire on August Bank Holiday Saturday. It is fitting that Little Triggers are rock n’ roll’s greatest hope for the future" Richard Bradshaw, The Culture Journal

Read more about Little Triggers by visiting their website here