BBC Sussex & Surrey to broadcast Danny Pike's Morning Show live from Vinyl Revolution on Record Store Day


We are thrilled that the BBC's Danny Pike will be broadcasting his Saturday morning show (broadcast from 9am to midday on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey) live from Vinyl Revolution.

Even better - all the music Danny will be playing during the show will be on vinyl - and he will be DJ'ing on decks set up just inside Vinyl Revolution's window! 

Danny hasn't played music from vinyl for over 20 years and he's dusting off his records to see if he can rediscover his love of vinyl.  We are going to make damn sure that he is going to do just that!

Photo:  Danny came into the shop to meet with Simon and Rachel and coincidentally Steve Ellis (whose record Everlasting Love/Lonely No more will be released on Record Store Day) was in the shop at the same time.  Danny is interviewing Steve on his show next week and Steve Ellis was super excited to join us for a photo!!!