Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy

Car Seat Headrest

Astoundingly, Will Toledo was only 19 years old when he released this album to his Bandcamp page back in 2011. Even more amazingly, it was already the seventh Car Seat Headrest release-albeit each in a state of lo-fi not heard since the halcyon days of Sebadoh and Pavement at their dirtiest!

Now, armed with a record deal from Matador and an impressive live band, Car Seat Headrest return to Twin Fantasy with much musical muscle and nous. Updating the album via multi-tracking and layering, Twin Fantasy is a re-invigorated record full of indie rock dynamics and strong tunes but still retains a lo-fi aesthetic. Stand out tunes include Nervous Young Inhumans indie twitch, whilst Sober To Death is completed by striking guitar lines. Another head-turner see's High To Death removing some of the layers of mud to reveal a world of different melodies.

All in all this is an excellent album from an artist who has a most singular vision and is successfully bringing it to life.

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