Complete Hi-Fi Systems

We don't sell cheap all-in-one record players as they are generally rubbish. They break down, they sound awful, they can damage your records and have nothing to do with quality.  Read 'why buying a cheap all-in-one record player is a really bad idea' here.

Instead we sell an award winning range of Pro-Ject's award winning Hi-Fi Systems whcih come as individual components.  You will either need to buy:

  • A turntable, amplifier and speakers (or)
  • A turntable and speakers (with integrated amplifier)

This can be confusing and a trip to a specialist hi-fi shop can be a little overwhelming as there are so many options (a little bit like ordering a sandwich in a New York deli!!!).  

Rest assured that this is not a problem as Vinyl Revolution has worked together with the clever people at Pro-Ject to put together the perfect comoplete hi-fi system for everyone.  Make no mistake, this is THE ultimate Christmas present for the vinyl enthusiast in your home and it won’t break on Boxing Day!

We've got all these systems on display at our Brighton shop, so pop down and chat to us or, if you're too far away, give us a call.

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