Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (Ltd GREY Vinyl)


Vinyl Revolution's Jack Arnold loves Deerhunter, so we gave him the reins on this weeks Album of the Week...

Deerhunter have always been something of a musical chameleon, with each album heading in a new direction. From their humble lo-fi and ethereal roots in the mid-noughties/Early 2010’s in albums such as Monomania and Halcyon Digest, the band have recently taken on a much poppier direction. Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared has its finger on the pulse of 2019 and tackles the zeitgeist of this decade, touching on the ever-quickening pace of the modern age and the music industry’s pre-occupation with the ’numbers game’ in an era where digital streams and plays can make or break an artist. Deerhunter’s frontman, Bradford Cox even touches on more tragic events like the unfortunate death of MP Jo Cox in 2016 in No One’s Sleeping, lamenting her murder from the position of watchers oversees in the US. 

Instrumentally the album features synth lines that could be compared to 2015’s Fading Frontier . True to form though, Deerhunter have introduced newer, bolder elements to this latest release and you'll find harpischord and keyboards featuring heavily throughout the album-fans of The Cure and Depeche Mode will not be disapointed!

Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared is well on its way to becoming Deerhunter’s most impressive work and is released on a limited edition GREY vinyl whilst stocks last! Be quick-this one will fly!


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