Editors - The Back Room


There was definitely something in the water back in 2005. Editors were part of a new breed of band who had picked up the gauntlet thrown down by The Strokes and Libertines and moved indie music (back) into a place where atmosphere and dark intent reigned supreme.

At this very moment I was managing a great Brighton group called Turncoat who had never heard Editors or Interpol, yet whose sound (check out the promo video of fantastic single Wasted On You for proof) matched the intensity and brooding of this reborn indie spirit. Editors blazed a trail with singles such as Munich and Bullets and suddenly a line could be drawn back to Joy Division and The Cure. Editors delivered an accomplished first album which still defines a specific time-and it's great to (finally) have it on available on vinyl. The Back Room is a concise adrenalin rush fuelled by paranoia and defined by euphoric guitar and distracted vocal delivery-which easily makes it Vinyl Revolution album of the week!

Also released this week (10/8/18) are two other Editor's vinyl lps, namely An End Has a Start and In This Light and On This Evening, all available from Vinyl Revolution for £18 each. Time to relive that early noughties indie heyday!





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