Ian Elmslie brings his Marvellous Party to Vinyl Revolution on Thursday 7th March


Event: 'A Marvellous Party' An evening with Ian Elmslie

Venue: Vinyl Revolution Basement, 33 Duke St, Brighton. BN1 1AG

Date: Thursday 7th March

Start time: 7pm

End time: 9pm


The Day I met Ian Elmslie - by Rachel

We often boast about having the best customers in the World at Vinyl Revolution, which is of course completely true.  We also have the most interesting!

A few months ago Ian Elmslie wandered into our shop for the first time and I was captivated.  Not only is Ian a rather splendid looking man (with eye makeup to die for) but he is also warm and funny with one hell of a story to tell.  Ian and I started talking about John Grant (whom he'd just seen) then talked about Bowie (whom Ian had worked with) and somewhere along the way I discovered that Ian was 'the boy' from Katrina and The Boy whom I was lucky enough to have seen perform in a London gay club in the 90's .  I told Ian that he should write a book.  He already had and before I knew it I was the proud owner of 'A Marvellous Party'.  I absolutely loved this book.   I read it in just 3 sittings during which I laughed and cried.  I enjoyed it so much that I immediately asked Ian to include Vinyl Revolution as a venue on his 2019 book tour celebrating the book's 2nd pressing. 

The rest as they say is history and we can't wait to welcome Ian to Vinyl Revolution for an evening of stories, music, wine, laughter, and the opportunity to buy a copy of Ian's wonderful book which he will happily sign.  

Come join us, it's going to be a Marvellous Party! (If you'd like to read Ian's book before you meet him buy it online here and bring it along to be signed)

Ian with everybody's hero David Bowie

Tom Robinson, a proud owner of 'A Marvellous Party'

Ian with the one and only Ian McKellen

An unexpected extra member of Culture Club!

Now you've heard from me here's an intro from Ian's publisher and a message from Ian:

Everybody needs a hero.

Someone we look to for guidance, for inspiration, for support, for comfort, and sometimes to throw down a trail of breadcrumbs to guide us from who and where we are to who and where and what we want to be.

Just think...

Who would YOU like to meet?

What would you say to them?

Most of the time we never get to meet the object of our admiration, to say thank you for leading us through the woods and allowing us to be just a little bit more than we thought possible.

But...sometimes...we do!

In 2017, to acknowledge and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality, Ignite Books published “A Marvellous Party”, a collection of tickling but heartfelt tributes to queer heroes and heroines, written by Ian Elmslie, the musical half of award-winning gay cabaret act, Katrina and The Boy.

From musical heroes such as David Bowie, Tom Robinson, Boy George and George Michael, to stars of stage and screen including Liza Minnelli, Victoria Wood and Julie Walters, and the literary icons Quentin Crisp and Armistead Maupin, Elmslie acknowledges the inestimable influence of these personal heroes on his life, but also details the unparalleled thrill of meeting these legendary figures.

The centrepiece of the book features a first-hand and heartfelt account of working on the gay cabaret scene during the Nineties, detailing the joy at the newly found and positive visibility of the community while addressing the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS.

As the going got tough, the tough went dancing and singing in the gay clubs and pubs across the land, with spirits being lifted by the likes of such drag luminaries Lily Savage, Regina Fong, Adrella, Dave Lynn and Phil Starr, to name but a glorious glamorous few.

Elmslie recalls nights at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, at Pride, at the Edinburgh Festival, leading the reader through page-turning adventures, mixing laughter with occasional tears, and remembrances of friends  passed and places closed, but never forgotten.

Each chapter celebrates a hero, and encourages the reader to consider their own personal journey, and how they too have not only survived but flourished through the most testing of times.

The book has now been brought to life in the form of a “live” presentation of stories from the book and musical numbers that celebrate the incredible catalogue of music created by LGBT composers.

The full program features songs by Elton John, Joan Armatrading, Labi Siffre, Billie Holiday, William Finn, Tracey Chapman, and a host of others, including some original songs by the author.

Ian says “I could not be more excited and delighted to be presenting the Brighton premiere “taster” of my show at the wonderful Vinyl Revolution. To be surrounded by the music that changed my life is both appropriate and an honour. I can’t wait to present stories from the book, and celebrate our shared history.”

The event takes place on March 7 at 7pm and is absolutely free, but space is limited.

Click here to read a review of Ian's book and an interview with him in Boyz

See you on 7th March!