Independent And Proud Of It!


A lot of people have recently mentioned that Vinyl Revolution is a chain store.  They couldn't be more wrong.

Vinyl Revolution is just over a year old and is owned jointly by its two founders Simon Parker and Rachel Lowe.  Simon and Rachel financed the shop themselves (with the help of a Government backed start-up loan) and designed all the unique products with recent fashion design graduate Beth.  There is no outside partner or investor. 

Apparently the fact that the shop looks fabulous leads people to believe that Vinyl Revolution is backed by corporate money.  The only reason the shop looks so good is that Simon and Rachel are lucky to have some very talented friends who leant their help to get Vinyl Revolution up and running.  Barry Hurd, a super talented graphic designer is responsible for Vinyl Revolution's style and branding.  He and Rachel were schoolfriends.  Sally Anne McCoy, rated in the World's Top 100 interior designer's, has been a close friend of Rachel's for almost 30 years. 

Record crates have been spray painted by family, mannequins have been foraged from skips and ebay by staff members (Jamie did a memorable treck to Ashford to pick up a mannequin and was almost arrested for kidnapping), and our window display picture frames were found in charity shops by Simon and painted at home by Rachel.   The window display was installed by Simon, Rachel, Lewis, Al and Al's girlfriend Tess late into the night and passerbys were surprised to see them having a red wine and pizza break in the window at 11pm!  It's quite a journey we've embarked on, but it's our journey.  We are independent and proud of it!!!