Introducing Reece, our first Vinyl Revolution Ambassador


We boast of having the best customers in the World and there is no finer example than Reece.  

Reece has been a regular visitor to Vinyl Revolution since we first opened our doors in Brighton and his visits are always memorable.

Reece's passion for music knows no bounds, he lives and breathes it!

He may only be 14 but he's already been to some amazing gigs.    When Reece loves a band you can guarantee that he won't just have the album (on vinyl of course) but there's a very good chance that it will be signed with a personal message.   And Reece won't just go and see the band play live but is most likely to be at the front of the stage, quite possibly crowd surfing. 

Here's Reece at a recent Shame gig

Says Reece

"We waited outside the venue for 3 hours as it was first come first served and we got in the venue about 7:30.  A first bonus was that when we entered the bassist from Shame ( Josh Finnerty ) was having a drink in the bar and I got a photo with him and he was so nice about meeting the fans.

The DJ was playing some great songs to liven up the crowd like 'I’m Scum' by IDLES and 'Song 2' by Blur and a great upcoming band called Talk Show were playing and the small venue was already so lively.  Then the final support came on called Yak and they weere energetic, passionate and all round crazy with the lead singer crowd surfing while playing the song and drinking beer while doing so!

Finally Shame came onto the stage and there was a really excited vibe around the room.   They opened with a brand new song which got everyone pumping and it was a great hour of music and one of my favourite gigs i’ve been to.The intimate venue capacity of 150 made this atmosphere incredible and unlike anything I’ve been to before."

Continuing on his quest of dedicated fandom Reece turned up super early to a gig last week and Shame invited him in to watch them soundcheck  - his parent's weren't thrilled when he was busted on Twitter!!!

We are thrilled that Reece has agreed to become the first Vinyl Revolution ambassador.  He's going to be helping Simon keep uptodate about hot new bands and contributing regular gig and album reviews.  There's a very strong chance that Reece will soon have a bigger fan base than Treacle!