Japhy Joins Us For A Week's Work Experience


This week is a first for Vinyl Revolution.  We have our first work experience student.  We have been joined by Japhy, a 15 year old with a passion for music.  He's a regular customer and when he's not buying records he's playing guitar in his band (which is currently nameless but has gone by the name of Black Belt Barbie). 

With four days  under his belt we asked Japhy to write his thoughts about working at Vinyl Revolution.  Written without our input (and threats to his safety) here is Japhy's account of the week so far in his own words:

"I’ve been working at Vinyl Revolution this week for my work experience course and have genuinely really enjoyed it! I’ve been a customer at the shop for a good six months and always love coming in, so I pretty much knew from the get-go that this was the place I wanted to spend my week! On my first day Rachel showed me round and got me set up on the store’s social media pages where I was taking over for my time here. Every day I’ve been choosing an album from the shelves that mean a lot to me and filming a brief overview to post online, in doing this I’ve learnt about the strategies used to boost social media views and have found that really interesting. Simon has helped me get my head round the customer side of things, explaining what customers tend to look for, why they tend to look for them, how mailing records works and things like that.

The group here are genuinely some of the most welcoming people I’ve met and have made me feel instantly comfortable in my short stay here; because of their confidence and kindness I’m not fearful of being approached by customers and so have been able to help people find things they were looking for without panic.

One of my fears coming in here was that I thought maybe because I’m a work experience student I wouldn’t have much to do, and I’d heard stories from some of my peers of their work experience placements not knowing what to do with them, but here I’ve constantly felt like I’ve been part of the team which has been really nice, and a much more useful experience! Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here and also learned a lot about how businesses work. I’ve certainly left this week with more knowledge than I had before.

Here are Japhy's record reviews which he's posted on our social media pages:

And here he is again with the vintage records he chose as his 'Records of The Week'

Great job Japhy!!!