Liam Gallagher - As You were

Liam Gallagher

Liam might not have had the best time since Oasis split up - Beady Eye was not particularly well received, and Noel's success with his High Flying Birds surely only rubbed salt in the wound. But he's back now and he hasn't sounded this good in over a decade. From the debut single "Wall Of Glass" signs were encouraging and now "As You Were" has been released it doesn't disappoint.

Liam sounds reenergised and reinvigorated, and with Greg Kurstin at the helm he sounds far more focussed and melodic. This is very evident in the balladry of tracks like "Paper Crown" and "For What It's Worth". It's not all ballads however, and there are plenty of foot-stomping, straight-ahead rockers like "You Better Run", "I Get By" and "Come Back To Me". Album closer "I've All I Need" is another highlight, Liam sounding daringly defiant and his confidence palpably holds the album together.

Overall Liam comes across on "As You Were" as very resolute and self-assured, bringing to the table possibly the best post-Oasis release from either Gallagher - a must-have for Oasis and Liam fans!

Available on limited white vinyl as well as standard black vinyl, and it's selling quick so be sure to get a copy while you can!


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