Low - Double Negative (Vinyl Revolution album of the week) Limited Edition Clear Vinyl


Low return with a brave new sound welded to their slowcore template. Double Negative is a raw and visceral beast, opening with scrambled and distorted vocals that unsettle and disorientate the listener. In a very good way. It's a radical departure for Low purists to adapt to, but the songwriting is sublime and even though there are forks in the road you still know this couldn't be anything but a Low album.

There are golden melodies to behold and more than enough pop tunes blended into the experiementation to make Double Negative a real sonic adventure. The pace is never hurried, songs unfurl in that (s)low-lane crawl, but everything is delivered with such conviction you cant help but be enthralled. After twenty-five years and twelve albums, Low know how to make great records. Standout tracks include the beautifully sparse The Son, The Sun and Dancing and Fire where the male/female vocals collide in a musical work of art. See also Poor Sucker, Rome and Always Trying To Work It Out. Fact. There's not a duff track here.

Beauty doesn't get much chillier than this. Double Negative is a real triumph and yet another classy addition to Low's esteemed body of work. Vinyl Revolution album of the week by a country mile.

 Limited edition clear vinyl, instore 14/09/18.


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