Manic Street Preachers - Resistance is Futile LP and International Blue 7" Single

Manic Street Preachers

The Manics return with their 13th album Resistance Is Futile. Right from the off you detect a sense of urgency as album opener People Give In reveals itself as a riotous call to arms. There's anger in the bands' bellies and they sound re-energized by events unfurling out there in the real world.

Liverpool Revisited is the bands tribute to the families of the Hillsborough disaster-which revisits the contraversial 1998 track SYMM, only this time their is a silver lining.  Likewise, Hold Me Like A Heaven is epic Manics-expansive and rousing-which is something the band have a long history of being very good at indeed.

On other tracks the Manics rebel against the dismal shortcomings of the digital world and failings of modern culture in general. The band have updated their modus operandi but writers are still revered and apathy detested. New single International Blue is another belter and helps make this the best album the Manics have released for a long time. It really is that good!

Resistance is Futile leaves you feeling angry, inspired and happy to have the band back on your turntable.  If live dates are as incendiary as the songs on this record we are all in for a treat this year.

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Limited edition white coloured 'Resistance Is Futile' LP

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Available in bundle with additional limited edition 'International Blue' 7" single. If you purchase BOTH the album (either colour) AND 7" single you will receive £2 off the total of your purchase!!

Available 13/04/18


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