Mudlow to play live on Record Store Day


We are excited to announce that Mudlow will perform live at Vinyl Revolution on Record Store Day. 

Mudlow have always played a dark urban blues. Reassuring music for uncertain times. Cinematic and guttural their evocative songs are enhanced by the parched vocals of Tobias, surely a long-lost cousin of a younger Tom Waits, his voice both cracked and soulful.

Staples of the Brighton scene for many years their live performances are things of beauty - be sure to catch them on our Record Shop Day line-up!

Here's a video so you can judge for yourselves just how good these guys are...

On 13th April, just in time for Record Store Day, Mudlow are releasing their The latest LP 'Waiting For The Tide To Rise' a retrospective compilation of hand-picked songs from their previously-released studio albums and EP's.

Here are some of the reviews:

"Mudlow believe in the darkness, the nightshade of black and blues at twilight and the tension of breath in the space between."  "It's the music from the closing credits of your favorite movie.  It's the song you listen to as you drive off the dock at the end of the chase scene.  It's the song that plays as the sun rises over the weed-choked city cemetery.
It's the sound you hear as you run through the concrete jungle of southern (UK)bars and clip-joints."

Rick Saunders - Deep Blues Blog

"I've found something quite unique, challenging, whilst infinitely listenable"
Darren Howells - Blues Matters! Magazine

"Blues sung with a low rasp and roar, guitar as nasty and swampy as you want."
Everett True - Plan B Magazine

"dirty guitars and sleazy howling vocals…the kind of music that makes you want to bark like a dog…"
Erin Prior - BBC Southern

We can't wait!!!