NEW FROM PRO-JECT - The perfect Christmas record player (no amp required - just add speakers)!


You all know our views on cheap all-in-one record players.  Only this week we had 2 records (one new and one vintage) returned to us as one was jumping and the other was slowing down.  Of course they played beautifully in the store and the owner was mortified to be told it was her all-in-one record player.  Unfortunately this is a regular occurrence.  (Click here to read our blog about why not to buy a cheap all-in-one if you haven't read it already).

The great news is that Pro-Ject have just unveiled the new Juke Box E turntable with integrated phono stage, a Bluetooth receiver, a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier all in one stylish, compact chassis.  

All you need to add is a set of speakers!  It's a great piece of kit priced at £369.

What we are even more excited about is that they are providing an exceptional introductory offer - buy a Juke Box E turntable and a set of Speaker Box 5 speakers at an all-in-one price of just £499.  As the buy-alone RRP for Speakerbox 5 speakers (as used in the Vinyl Revolution shop, they are small but mighty!) is £259 this represents a whopping cost saving of £129. 

A Juke Box E demo system will arrive in the shop this week.  Come and take a look and listen!