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'Clash of The Titans' Christmas DJ Party


We just happen to have two of the UK's best vinyl DJ's at Vinyl Revolution. On Thurs 22nd Wendy May's famous Locomotion set is going back to back with Simon Parker's (not quite as famous) Drum and Wires Set. Great fun will be had by all! Come and join us in the shop for great music, beer, wine (soft drinks for under 18s) & mince pies. All welcome. Free entry.

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Los Pacaminos - they came, they saw, they conquered


This Saturday something very special happened on Camden Road in Tunbridge wells. Vinyl Revolution hosted Los Pacaminos’s first ever in-store mini-gig. The band is made up of familiar and not so familiar faces including Brew Barfield (The Keys), Jamie Moses (who has played with Queen, Amy Winehouse and many more household names) and Paul Young (who needs no introduction).

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Kent Live writes about Vinyl Revolution and Vinyl Record Sales overtaking digital


Will Harrison from Kent Live has returned to Vinyl Revolution. This time he wrote about how UK vinyl record sales revenue has overtaken revenue from digital downloads. This news surprised many but not us here at Vinyl Revolution, we've known for a long time that vinyl is well and truly back! "Vinyl Revolution in Tunbridge Wells celebrates success as national vinyl sales trump downloads"

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Los Pacaminos - a whole lot of talent


On Saturday 10th December tex-mex crazies Los Pacaminos will be playing at both the Tunbridge Wells Forum and the Vinyl Revolution shop. They are a bunch of accomplished musicians, one of which just happens to be the very famous Paul Young. But also in the band is Drew Barfield. Now, you may or may not have heard of him but I remember a time in the pre-internet 1980’s when I searched in vain for an album by a great band called The Keys…allow me to explain. Back in 1981, I was a fourteen year old music fanatic, already besotted with dreams of being in a world-beating band. One day I heard a song that stopped me dead in my tracks. It took weeks to find out it was called ‘I Don’t Wanna Cry’ and even longer to work out that it was by a new group called The Keys. Without the aid of google search life was so much slower back then…

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Vintage vinyl to get excited about!


Breaking news! We have just taken stock of some great new collectable vintage records. In our never ending quest for vinyl perfection we have added a considerable amount of weird and wonderful albums - all in-store now! A 2nd press of Van Morrison's epic Astral Weeks, a Blue Vinyl Edition of Motorhead's classic 1979 album 'Bomber', Julian Cope's classic 1984 album 'World Shut Your Mouth' and Frank Zappa's bootleg-esque 'Joe's Garage Acts IV & V' on double LP.

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Vinyl records outselling digital music in UK


Music sales figures released yesterday by ERA (Entertainment Retailers Association) have surprised mainstream news outlets but not us here at Vinyl Revolution, or indeed our customers. Figures revealed that for the first time sales revenue from vinyl records have outstripped those of digital downloads. Sales revenue from vinyl records has doubled since this time last year whilst digital revenue has halved.

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Blind Beer Glass Tasting proves that beer tastes better from a 'Lemmy' glass


Today it was scientifically proven that beer tastes better when drunk from a Vinyl Revolution 'Lemmy' glass.

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