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Vinyl Revolution - where girls will be boys and boys will be girls!


Like everyone we've read the headlines about shops selling childrens clothes and toys which are quite breathtaking in the way they stereotype girls and boys. It's incredible to think that in 2017 there are still companies which portray young girls as pretty princesses and young boys as geniuses who will change the world.

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Vinyl Revolution's Top 20 Must Have Records


We get a lot of people asking us to recommend 'must have' records for a new vinyl collector. This is an extremely difficult question to answer, possibly akin to choosing your favourite child, but after an enjoyable and heated debate here are our TOP 20 Must Have Records for a new vinyl collector.

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Independent And Proud Of It!


A lot of people have recently mentioned that Vinyl Revolution is a chain store. They couldn't be more wrong. Vinyl Revolution is just over a year old and is owned jointly by its two founders Simon Parker and Rachel Lowe. Simon and Rachel financed the shop themselves (with the help of a Government backed start-up loan) and designed all the unique products with recent fashion design graduate Beth. There is no outside partner or investor.

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BN1 Magazine write feature about Vinyl Revolution - possibly the most accurate and in-depth feature yet!


What a great feature about us is BN1 Magazine. They really took time to find out what we were all about! They totally got our family friendly anti 'High Fidelity' culture and even wrote about our green policy. Click here to read the full feature!

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As Wham's 'Last Christmas' is tipped as Christmas No1 it's time to unearth an unforgettable cover


We love the fact that WHAM's Last Christmas could be this year's Christmas No1 thanks to a Facebook campaign and popular distaste for being forcefed yet another X-Factor winner. 1995 was a good year for Simon's indie punk band Colourburst and as a Christmas thank you to loyal fans they recorded a cover of their favourite Christmas record - Last Christmas - and gave away copies of the recording on red cassettes when playing a Christmas gig at The Loft, Brighton. Steve Brewer made a video of their cover (filmed in one take after a few drinks) and the video somehow made it onto late night ITV (scary as they hadn't thought to gain copyright clearance) - little did Simon know that this would be the height of his TV success! We think that this video is as classic in its own way as the original - enjoy!!!

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The Ramonas to play in-store at Vinyl Revolution TONIGHT (Thursday 11 Jan)


Vinyl Revolution's basement is going to be well and truly rocked on Thursday 11th January 2018 when The Ramonas play in-store. If anyone still needs a kick into the New Year then this will be it! We are thrilled that the band will be stopping off on their tour to launch their debut album - First World Problems - to play their only small venue acoustic set in our shop.

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NEW FROM PRO-JECT - The perfect Christmas record player (no amp required - just add speakers)!


You all know our views on cheap all-in-one record players. They look cute but they are rubbish! They break down, slow down, sound terrible and damage your vinyl. Now for some good news - Pro-Ject have just unveiled the new Juke Box E turntable - a stylish quality engineered turntable with built-in amplifier. All you need to add is a set of speakers! It's the perfect Christmas record player and it's arriving at Vinyl Revolution this week. Come down to take a look and listen!

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New Vinyl Releases 1 December 2017


Christmas may only be but a few weeks away, but there's still some great new and re-issued albums out this week!

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For the 2nd year running The Guardian features Vinyl Revolution products in their Christmas Gift Guide


Last year we were absolutely thrilled to have our t-shirt featuring the Johnny Rotten quote "Dont Accept The Old Order Get Rid Of It" featured in The Guardian newspaper's 2016 Christmas Gift Guide. We were only 3 months old and it was incredible! This year we are just as excited to be featured again in their 2017 Christmas Gift Guide, not once but twice! They have featured our Bowie Bolt babygro in their printed Christmas Gift Guide and our Bowie Bolt Kids T-shirt (in black) in their online Christmas Gift Guide. Click here for a link.

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New Vinyl Releases 24 November 2017


This week sees one of the year's last big releases with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon? Look also for new Bjork album and another slew of re-issues including Neil Young's long out of print Harvest Moon, a series of Tom Waits and a splatter vinyl Ltd Ed of Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits.

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We have a new Christmas window


The new Christmas window was a real team effort. Simon foraged Brighton charity shops for picture frames, Rachel painted them (and herself) yellow, Alex and Tess cut, stuck, hung things up and bought pizza and Lewis sparkled (as always!) We gathered quite a crowd when we sat in the window at 11pm having a pizza, beer and wine stop !

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