Our 2nd Record Store Day was a cracker!


We knew we were going to do something special in order to match our first Record Store Day last year but this year did not disappoint - it was fantastic!

And it was our customers (as usual!) who made this day such a success and so much fun!

Many RSD stories, videos and photos will follow but in the meantime here are a few of our favourites.  Thank you everyone for making this so much fun!

The first customer to join the queue was Phil who turned up at 5pm on Friday - we couldn't believe it!   Naturally we put him to work blowing up balloons!

Next to arrive were James and Verity - they also got called in to join us to drink tea and blow up yet more balloons!

By the time we shut up shop at 10pm on Friday there were 4 chairs lined up ourside our shop.  We left pretty confident that noone was going to break into the shop with Phi, James, Verity and Alfie on watch!

They will be dining out on stories of their night spent in Duke Street for years to come (let's just say that it wasn't uneventful!)

We arrived at 5am to find a surprising number of people.   They had been there all night and were very cold but in very good spirits.  Once we had reassured ourselves that Gus was asleep and hadn't died from hypothermia overnight we opened our doors and got everyone inside to defrost.  The position under the door heater was extremely popular!

Gabriel (with the stripey blanket) celebrated his 17th birthday sleeping out in Duke Street and then bagging some RSD records!

Everyone was happy when the lovely people from Trading Post arrived with breakfast at 6am

The queue continued to build until we had over 100 people when we opened our doors at 8am

Phil was of course 1st in the door!

We put out extra racks out in our basement for Record Store Day and we had 1000's of RSD records


and lots of very happy customers!

The Popguns played at stormer outside the shop

and then continued inside the shop after the heavens opened - the show must go on right?!

and then signed copies of their fantastic RSD release Love Junky include one for 5 year old Atticus, it was his first record so in normal RSD tradition he got a Vinyl Revolution tote bag!

The VR team left exhausted but triumphant - HUGE THANK YOU to Emily, Sean and Dean for volunteering their services and making the day such a success - we couldn't have done it without you!

And an even bigger thank you to ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.  You truly are the best in the World!