Our Green and Ethical Policy

Protecting the planet and operating ethically is really important to Vinyl Revolution.  As a young company with a limited start-up budget it would be very easy to buy cheap products from companies that damage the planet and exploit their workers but we have chosen not to.


Although we can never claim that vinyl records are green products we do our best to ensure that they are treasured, re-used and even (when damaged) saved from landfill.  Our ground floor is entirely dedicated to the sale of pre-loved, second-hand or vintage records that we find new homes for.  When records are damaged we give them a new lease of life as recycled coasters, wine racks and bowls.


We keep our use of plastic to an absolute minimum and WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PLASTIC BAGS .  We provide recyclable paper bags free of charge and sell Vinyl Revolution organic sustainably and ethically produced Tote Bags from Earth PositiveEVERYONE WHO RETURNS TO THE SHOP WITH A VINYL REVOLUTION TOTE BAG GETS A 5% DISCOUNT OFF NEW PURCHASES. 

EVERYONE WHO RETURNS TO OUR SHOP WITH OUR TOTE BAG RECEIVES A 5% DISCOUNT.  We remove PVC record display sleeves from our records at point of sale and re-use them.


Virtually* all our clothing is sourced from Swedish clothing company Earth Positive.  They are a 'Fair Wear' company (basically Fair Trade for clothes).  They are carbon neutral, use organic cotton and manufacture under the strictest environmental and ethical regulations (their clothing looks and feels great too!). Read more about them here

* A few of our products (our Curvy Ladies t-shirts and our ringer t-shirt) aren’t available from Earth Positive and we haven’t managed to source decent alternatives in organic cotton.  Despite not being organic these products are sourced from companies complying with strict ethical and environmental standards at their factories.

Other products

We carefully source all our other products and try to find the most environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers out there.  Our beach towels come from a wonderful company in Belgium and our picture frames come from a British company who use sustainable timber (wherever possible we use local companies and support the British economy, but it's not as easy to buy green and ethical in the UK as it should be!) 


When we took over the lease for our shop in Duke Street we invested over £30k in fitting-out the shop.   We installed new basement insulation and low energy lighting throughout the shop to reduce our energy use.  All lighting is turned off when the shop is closed.

Although we drive a large car or van to transport stock to/from the shop and pop-up locations all staff commute to work daily using public transport or walking. 


We try to operate ethically when is comes to looking after our staff too.  All of our staff are paid above minimum wage and we are setting up an employee profit-share scheme as soon as we hit break-even.  Staff breaks are well in excess of statutory too.  We believe that if our staff our happy then so are our customers!

We’re not perfect (and are always looking for ways to further improve) but we are doing our best to protect the environment and operate ethically and always choose to work with other companies who do the same.