Our Hi-Fi

We've read the statistics about people buying vinyl records to hang on their walls and look pretty.  But we don't recognise these people.  Vinyl Revolution customers are music lovers who buy records to play them!

Vinyl records have never been cheap throwaways, when you buy a record you invest in a piece of music history which sounds great, looks great, and if looked after properly, will last you a lifetime.  

For this reason we have rejected cheap all-in-ones which sound terrible and damage your records and have carefully chosen a range of record players which sound fantastic, treat your records with respect and will last you for many many years. 

They aren't cheap (what quality product is?) but they won't require silly money either and cost no more than a decent mobile phone. 

If you want to buy your first record player, upgrade from an all-in-one or want to find out whether or not you really need an amplifier to make your treasured record collection sound great come and see us.  We'll keep it simple, wont bombard you with techy jargon and we'll help you make up your own mind.  We'll even provide home delivery!

You can buy our hi-fi in our online shop or in our Brighton store. 

In the meantime here's Simon to introduce you to the two Hi-Fi systems which we have put together for you:

Here's our perfect 'Plug'no'Play system:

and here's our system with a little bit more that we call 'One Step Beyond!':