Record Players

OK so here’s what we’ve learnt about record players. Those cheap retro styled all-in-ones (made by Crosley and similar) are rubbish. They sound awful, damage your records and have nothing to do with quality.  So we don't sell them!

What we DO sell are quality engineered record players which sound great and won't damage your records.  They’re not cheap but they represent unbeatable value for money and you can buy a full system for less than the cost of a iPhone!

For our first 2 years we sold Pro-Ject, whose products were great, but we recently spent a great deal of time researching the latest turntables, amps and speakers and visiting showrooms around the country and made  an unexpected decision.

We discovered that it's not now necessary to buy an amplifier to get fantastic quality sound.  There are now pre-amped turntables and powered speakers that are so good that a separate amplifier is unnecessary.  The advantages of this are two-fold:

  1. 1) High quality Hi-Fi now comes at a lower cost
  • 2) Your record player can now take up less space

We are now supplying TEAC turntables and Edifier speakers which we believe to be an unbeatable combination.  Don't take our word for it though - come in for a demo and decide for yourselves!

WE NOW OFFER FREE HOME DELIVERY on in-store and online sales!