Record Store Day - A full rundown - records, rules, live music and Duke St neighbour offers


Event: Record Store Day

Venue: Vinyl Revolution, 33 Duke St, Brighton. BN1 1AG

Date: Saturday 21st April 2018

Start time: 8am

End time: 6pm

This will be Vinyl Revolution’s first Record Store Day (RSD) and we’re going to make it a day to remember!  Not only are we going to have a brilliant range of very limited and very collectable records for sale but we are going to have a LOT OF FUN!

Here is some background info and a rundown of the day:

About Record Store Day

Record Store Day was founded in the US as a celebration of the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the USA, and hundreds of similar stores internationally. Metallica officially kicked off Record Store Day at Rasputin Music in San Francisco on April 19, 2008 and Record Store Day is now celebrated on the third Saturday every April.

The UK followed suit and launched Record Store Day in 2008 and has been growing steadily ever since. A handful of stores participated in the first UK Record Store Day and since then it has grown to about 240 stores. 

Record Store Day records

A special selection of records are pressed in very limited quantities exclusively for Record Store Day.  Only independent record stores can access these records.   This year 503 titles have been released and we have ordered just under half of these titles based upon our customers buying habits and ‘wish lists’.   We have ordered as many of the titles on our order list as we can, but as quantities of each record are very limited (presses running from 300 to 5000 units with most records limited to either 500 or 1000 units) we will only be sent a small quantity of each.  It is for this reason that Record Store Day sees people queueing up early to get in the door first!

Record Store Day has very strict rules which shops have to respect or risk being banned from future RSD participation.  These are the two important RSD rules which we have to abide by:

No records can be reserved.  They must be sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis in-store (not online or by telephone).

Customers can only buy 1 copy of each record

We are not allowed to sell any RSD records online or by mail-order for a period of 7 days after Record Store Day.

We will sell left over RSD records in-store at the same price as they are sold for on RSD  - we will not auction or price hike records in the same way that individuals will do on ebay.  We will start selling online from 12.00am on Saturday 28th April (just after midnight on Friday 27th April!). 

Please note:  No student discount or Tote Bag loyalty discount will be available on RSD record stock.  They will be available on all other stock on the day though. 

Live Music

We are really excited to have received permission to present live music in the street directly outside our shop.  We are even more excited to have 5 incredible bands performing.  Each band will play acoustically for about 20 minutes.  The band line-up is:


Note:  We have an outside gazebo to shelter the bands and equipment from rain but should the weather be really bad we’ll move inside.  We won’t be cancelling – the show will go on!

Early Morning queue (and breakfast!)

Many record shops have long queues with people queueing overnight to be the first in the door.  We don’t know for sure how long our queue will be but as a young shop taking part in our first RSD it is unlikely that our queue will be particularly long or that people will have to wait hours to enter the shop. 

Whatever the length of the queue our customers will be looked after!  At 7am the first 30 customers in the queue will be given a free breakfast on us (bacon, sausage or veggie bagel and hot drink provided by Bagelman) and everyone else in the queue will be offered a special RSD discounted breakfast and hot drink from Bagelman priced at £3.15.  (Bagelman have a broad menu with both vegetarian and vegan options).

our Duke Street neighbours are supporting us (all 21 of them) &  it's turning into a bit of a street party!

We have a fantastic community in Duke Street, our neighbours are excited about RSD and are supporting us by dressing up the street and their shops, restaurants and bars with balloons, providing special RSD offers to our customers and even dressing up!

Here is a list of the shops that are taking part:

  • Bagelman (opening early to serve breakfast to queue & RSD offer)
  • The Croque Shop (opening early to serve breakfast & RSD offer)
  • Sugar Sin D(dressing up as Sweetwood Mac and RSD offers)
  • Rendezvous Cafe (special RSD cake)
  • No 32 (RSD food and drink offer)
  • Montezuma (dressing up and RSD offers)
  • Bens Cookies (Record Store Day cookie)
  • Be Chocolat (Free ice cream)
  • No 32 (RSD food and drink offer)
  • Nandos (RSD offer)
  • Hotel Chocolat (RSD offer)
  • Offspring (10% discount)
  • Timberland (10% discount)
  • Vapour Evolution (10% discount)
  • DC (10% discount)
  • Woodies
  • Design Lab
  • Julien Plumart
  • Mottoo
  • Colin Page Antiquarian Rare and Second Hand books
  • Kayes News
  • Pascere

Note: Not all our neighbours are offering special offers or discounts to customers on RSD but that isn't important.  What is important is that all our neighbours (particularly the small independent ones who are having a really tough time at the moment) are coming together as a community to support us and celebrate our first Record Store Day.  We've been knocked out by our neighbour's generosity of spirit, it's really something special.

Note: To claim your RSD offers from Duke Street shops you will need to be able to present a Vinyl Revolution bag and an RSD receipt.

Duke Street looks forward to seeing you there!