Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque (Re-issue)

Teenage Fanclub

A long, long time ago in a far off galaxy, Teenage Fanclub found themselves a very hot ticket in Grunge World USA. Loved by Kurt Cobain and signed to an uber cool record label (Creation), Bandwagonesque became an alt rock classic. Not bad for a bunch of Big Star obsessives from Bellshill, Glasgow!

Bandwagonesque works on two levels. The first is that noisey rock thing (that they never really repeated) although it's unlikle the band were trying to ape Nirvana or any of the rising US indie rockers (circa 1990-1). Teenage Fanclub were always more classic, looking back to The Byrds and aforementioned Big Star for inspiration. Their songs also work vocally, because TFC nailed three-part harmonies.

Baring the talents of 3 songwriters (take a bow messrs. Blake, Love and McGinley) TFC records never had any filler content, and Bandwagonesque happens to include December, Star Sign and Metal Baby - each equally fantastic in its own (w)rite. But most importantly this album also includes The Concept, the finest 6 minutes i'd ever heard back in 1991. The rhyming couplet 'She wears denim wherever she goes, says she's gonna get some records by the StatusQuo' is still one of my favourite ever. Genius!

Great to have this and FOUR OTHER Teenage Fanclub albums back on vinyl.



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