The Guardian to feature Vinyl Revolution as the only music related UK shop with a green & ethical policy


We received a phone call from The Guardian this week.  They were researching shops selling green and ethical products and will be featuring Vinyl Revolution in January. 

They told us that we were the only music related shop they could find in the UK with a green and ethical policy.  We are thrilled to be featured but disappointed, although not surprised, that there aren’t more shops leading the charge. 

We aren’t surprised because it’s very difficult and expensive for small shops to source ethically and sustainably made products, particularly in the UK which is so poor in this area.  We source our clothing from Sweden and most of our other products from Europe.  We pay about 4x the price of a standard t-shirt to buy an organic ‘Fair Wear’ one and are used to people complaining that our t-shirts are expensive at £28 because they are so used to buying cheap t-shirts in chain stores like Primark.  If the chain stores would start sourcing more responsibly the prices would come down for everyone.  Let’s hope that consumer attitudes will change and force the chains to follow suit.

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