The Vaccines - Combat Sports (Orange)

The Vaccines

The Vaccines are back with their  4th album Combat Sports. After drummer Pete Robertson left following the confused English Grafitti the indie rockers have been relatively quiet of late but return with a bold, brash and trashy record. Well, what did you expect from The Vaccines?!!

Two new band members have helped rejuvinate the group and Combat Sports kicks off with the raucous Put It On A T-shirt and lead single I Can't Quit. Both are short catchy indie rock tunes-which The Vaccines do very well. Your Love Is My Favourite Band ramps up the 80's influence (synths to the fore) whilst Nightclub is vintage Vaccines-all back-to-basics modern punk rock with a knowing sneer.

Big on catchy tunes and short, abrasive tunes, Combat Sports sees The Vaccines fighting to reclaim their seats at the head of the indie table. And you know what, they may just do it...great stuff!!

Vinyl Revolution album of the week.

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