The Vinyl Revolution Shareholder Party was a night to remember


At the end of last year we needed to raise investment to help us survive these exceptionally challenging trading conditions.  We decided to offer for sale 10% of equity in our company and we were absolutely knocked out by the fantastic response we received from our wonderfully loyal customers.  Within a week we had 52 new shareholders and Vinyl Revolution's future was secure.  It seemed only right that our first shareholder meeting should be a party!

Vinyl Revolution shareholders are based all over the UK (and The Netherlands, USA and France!) so not everyone was able to join us in Brighton for the evening.  Despite this we had an incredible turnout and the level of enthusiasm for Vinyl Revolution left us feeling both emotional and extremely lucky.

We talked a little bit of business but mostly we just enjoyed ourselves.  Simon and his two bandmates Jim and Ali performed a couple of songs written by Simon for his bands Villareal and Lighting Dept and they were then joined by new shareholders Sue on bass guitar and Emily on flute.  For one  night only 'The Vinyl Revolution Shareholders' were born!   Their cover of The Gorillaz  - Melancholy Hill sounded fantastic and a great night was had by all.

Here are some photos of a large proportion of the 'Vinyl Revolutionaries - we are very lucky to have you all on board.  THANK YOU!