PRO-JECT ELEMENTAL - this model is a beautifully modernist work of art. The Elemental is the perfect entry level turntable for those who value their vinyl and want to enjoy the listening experience.

PRO-JECT ESSENTIAL III XE - this is Henley’s most famous and award winning record deck which looks stylish and sounds awesome. A no-brainer for those of us in it for the long haul. And it comes in red, white or black.

PRO-JECT PRIMARY USB - this model comes with a USB connection for creating digital files from your records.  It's the perfect plug'n'play digital system.   

PRO-JECT JUKE BOX E (NO AMP REQUIRED - JUST ADD SPEAKERS!) - This new addition to the Pro-Ject range is a premium all-in-one Plug & Play turntable with a bluetooth input, powerful amplification and stunning high-quality construction.  It's the perfect space saving alternative to a cheap retro all-in-one.  It sounds incredible and won't wreck your vinyl!

PRO-JECT CARBON ESPRIT SB - The Debut Carbon Esprit SB turntable takes the hugely successful, multi-award winning Debut Carbon design and adds even more to the already impressive package. It's perfect for the vinyl connosieur who wants just a little bit more!

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