We've got Hi-Fi!


We've read the statistics about people buying vinyl records to hang on their walls and look pretty.  But we don't recognise these people.  Vinyl Revolution customers are music lovers who buy records to play them!

Vinyl records have never been cheap throwaways, when you buy a record you invest in a piece of music history which sounds great, looks great, and if looked after properly, will last you a lifetime. 

We've always been outspoken in our dislike of cheap all-in-one record players.  They not only sound terrible and slow down when playing 180 gram records (which most new records are pressed on) but the really bad ones will damage your records too.

For this reason we have chosen to sell a range of record players (turntables, amps and speakers) which sound fantastic, treat your records with respect and will last you for many many years.  They aren't cheap (what quality product is?) but we hope that most our customers will find them not only affordable but great value for money.

In our Brighton Hi-Fi demo area you will find a range of 4 systems from the long established, highly respected and multi award winning Hi-Fi manufacturer Pro-Ject.  Pro-Ject Hi-Fi is distributed and supported by Oxfordshire based Henley Designs.  In the unlikely event that a problem should arise (these are very rare) or a spare part be required we find them second to none.  All Pro-Ject Hi-Fi comes with a minimum two year Manufacturers Warranty.

The 4 systems we sell (which can also be sold as separate components) are:

The Pro-Ject Primary System -  £404 (turntable & powered speakers)

With a USB turntable and Reloop powered speakers (no amp required) this system sounds unexpectedly great.  Don't just take our word for it - Hi-FI and Music Source said "The clarity and presentation from this turntable is remarkable".   This system is perfect for those seeking a 'plug 'n' play' digital system.

The Pro-Ject Elemental System - £650 (turntable, amp & speakers)

With a funky minimalist turntable, amp and speakers this system punches well above its weight and is perfect for those who like things simple.

The Pro-Ject Essential III XE System - £715 (turntable, amp & speakers)

This absolute must-have styem is our highest seller and offers remarkable value for money (having won What Hi-Fi magazine's best turntable under £300 for a remarkable 3 years running).  This is the system for those for whom compromise is not an option.

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB System - £1137 (turntable, amp & speakers)

With this system we are getting seriously audiophile.  It's a beautiful system which sounds incredible and it's perfect for the vinyl connoisseur who wants just a little bit more.

Come and visit us in our Brighton store.  We'll pop on your favourite record and help you choose the system that's perfect for you.