When your favourite musician walks in the door of your shop


A very personal blog by Rachel:

Many of you will know that both Simon and I are big Del Amitri fans and regard Justin Currie as one of the best (and most under rated) singer songwriters of our time.  You might also have seen Del Amitri listed on our website as my favourite band.  What you probably don't know is that Simon's friendship with Del Amitri's manager was one of the reasons that I started dating him (I am only half joking!!!)  Last Summer Simon took me up to Edinburgh to see Del Amitri play and managed to bag those all important back stage passes.  They say you shouldn't meet your heroes but Justin proved to be the exception.   He was charming, a big vinyl fan, was genuinely interested in what we were doing and was happy to pose with a Vinyl Revolution bag!

It was a very quiet day early this week when I looked up to see a familiar face looking through the vintage vinyl.  I was not hallucinating,  Justin really was in the shop!  Needless to say it was a huge pleasure to see him and I was completely uncool (again).  Before he left we managed to extract a promise from Justin to visit us again to play in-store, it's true to say that the poor man was under a certain amount of duress but there's a new Del Amitri album in the offing so perhaps we will all be in for a treat.

If Justin does return to play at Vinyl Revolution Simon will finally be off the hook.  When we started Vinyl Revolution I decreed that my life would be complete when both Justin and Paul Young had played in our shop.  Paul Young was my teenage fantasy and I was convinced that he was about to track me down and sweep me off my feet after reaching down from stage and briefly holding my hand at Hammersmith Odeon. 

Simon came through with the goods and Paul Young, and his band Los Pacaminos, were one of the first Vinyl Revolution in-stores in our pop up shop in Tunbridge Wells.  They were a blast, not only did they bring a street queue to rival Record Store Day, but they drunk us dry and Paul nicked our bottle opener!

I like to think of Justin as a more mature crush founded on a love for his voice and lyrics rather more than his sultry poses (although it has to be said that he's fairly easy on the eye and still rocks a pair of skinny jeans)!

So watch this space - maybe Justin will be back in Brighton soon with his guitar, and Simon can relax in the knowledge that its mission accomplished!